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Ultra Grind+ Gold Wet Grinder

    Ultra Grind+ Gold Wet Grinder


    Now you have the quality you expect from ELGI at an attractive price.  Comes with full size 2L (8 cup) drum. 

    Quality and Performance:

     ULTRA Grind+ Gold is a sleek table top wetgrinder (idli grinders or dosagrinders or wet grinders).

    • It is so sleek and light weight that you feel preparing idli dosa batter is child's play.
    • You've Never Seen Anything Like it Before! ULTRA Grind+ Gold makes batter or dough preparation fast and easy.
    • Make a little or a lot -- the stainless steel drum can grind from one and a half a cups to eight cups of soaked grains.
    • The powerful 220V motor is made for the Indian-American kitchen and is designed to run continuously for at least twenty minutes.
    • Replace cumbersome Stone Metate y Mano with electric stone grinder without compromising the taste.



    • 2 Liter capacity
    • Wider and larger drum to add the contents easily
    • Fitted with sturdy and durable motor
    • Designed for efficiency and exemplary performance
    • Conical grinding stones - which results in better batter and less wear and tear of the stone
    • Table top convenience
    • Made of food grade plastic, SS304 stainless steel drum and rust proof materials
    • Noiseless and vibration free operation
    • Atta Kneader included free with the unit
    • Light weight. Easy to operate.
    • Poly V belt for durability.
    • Whole lid is removable for easy addition of rice or dhal for grinding.
    • Granite stones for longevity.
    • Granite stones preserve the nutrients as they grind without heating the ingredients
    • Prepare Ultra soft idlies, Ultra crispy vadas, Ultra crunchy dosas, and Ultra fluffy poories with the ULTRA Grind+ Gold.
    • Grinds 8 cups of rice or 2 cups of urad dhal in a single batch.
    • Use it to prepare multi ethnic foods such as masa (for tortillas)
    • Atta kneader for kneading the dough for pizza, bread or even for whipping cream!

    The Grind+ Gold comes with 2 Year limited warranty against any manufacturing defect.

    Compactly designed without compromising original functionality:


    Ultra table top wetgrinders (idli grinders or dosa grinders or wet grinders, granite stone grinders) help you prepare Ultra soft idlies, Ultra crispy vadas, Ultra crunchydosas, and Ultra fluffy pooris (puris) with the ULTRA Grind+ Gold! Use ULTRA Grind+ Gold to prepare gourmet foods, and create exotic dishes with ease.  You can:

    • Grind corn into masa (for tortillas) instead of using a cumbersome "Stone y Mano"
    • Prepare puto (a Filipino delicacy)
    • Make noodles and rice sticks without the manual Chinese "mo"
    • Knead the dough for pizza, bread, cake, or even whipping cream!
    • Prepare Chatta Mari - Nepalese delicacy which is similar to dosa.

    Please read our warranty and return policy before ordering.

    Batter Cleaning system is not included with the unit.


    Store Pickup/Shipping:

    Georgia - Free store pick up

    Address: 625 Sims Industrial Blvd Ste A, Alpharetta, GA, 30009-2095

    *Shipping Options Available for all other States*


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